Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chocolate Cups with Surprise

Hello everyone,
Here I am with my first recipe of one of my most favourite dessert. This dessert is one of the most sinful, intoxicating and pieces of art and for Chocolate Lovers its totally heaven.
How cool is it that you can actually eat a cup and if its made of chocolate what else you need.  This I feel as one of the coolest thing that I have done specially in cooking forte.

And as I promised you guys that I’ll make your weekends special or cheat day special so here goes the recipe. Enjoy... happy weekends J

Chocolate Cups with Surprise

Sinful, Intoxicating Chocolate Cup

Prep Time- 25min
Cook Time – 10min
Total Time-  40min


  1. 150 gm Dark Chocolate
  2. 6-8 Paper Cups
  3. Vanilla Ice-Cream or Chocolate Ice-Cream Brick (as per choice)
  4. Caramel Sauce or Chocolate Sauce (as per choice)
  5. Toasted Almonds and cashews for garnish


These are the paper cups that I used.

  1. Melt chocolate in double-boiler.
  2. When the chocolate is melted, take the bowl out of the heat. Whisk it a little bit till it gets lukewarm.
  3. Fill each cup with less than half of melted chocolate and rotate to coat all the sides of the cup.
  4. Hold the cup upside down and pour excess chocolate into the chocolate bowl.
  5. Place the cup upside down on butter paper or foil and place it in the freezer for 15 – 20 min. In same way prepare rest of the cups
  6. After  15 – 20 minutes take the cups out of the freezer. Just put your 2 to 3 fingers in the chocolate cup and  gently pull the cup out. Do not apply pressure on the cup otherwise, the chocolate will break inside.
  7. Now put one or two scoops of your choice of ice cream in the chocolate cup. Put little bit of hot caramel sauce or chocolate sauce and garnish with toasted almonds and cashews


                                                                     Chocolate Cups 

Chocolate Cups with Surprise

Voila...its ready !!!

Here comes a twist you can even eat it in a different way:

Following the same steps as above till step no.6. Now place 1 or 2 scoops of ice-cream on the plate depending upon the cup size and cover it with your chocolate cup (upside down). Now gently pour hot caramel sauce or chocolate sauce on the top of the chocolate cup. The cup starts to melt and Ta- Da you see the vanilla ice cream inside.

You can totally surprise your loved ones with this trick J

Happy Eating!


  1. Chocolate Cups can be prepared few days in advance. For storing it will be preferred to keep it in the freezer
  2. Instead of ice-cream you can fill the cups with Chocolate Mousse or Strawberry Mousse or Strawberry Puree. 


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