Monday, January 30, 2017

Cooking Tips (Series- IV)

Hello ,
Cooking is important but cooking tips are quintessential too. :) 

So , here is another series of  cooking tips which can be used as a hack on daily basis when cooking .
Series - 4  consists of 3 Cooking Tips .

Happy Eating !!!

Cooking Tips

Cooking Tip #10

One of the easiest kitchen hack which helps you to optimize the lemon juice .


Cooking Tip #11

Important tip on how to store spices and herbs  #kitchenhack

                                     Cooking Tip #12

Are you sure that the eggs that you have bought or stored in your fridge should be consumed ? Do you think that they are fresh ?

So, to know whether they are in the condition to be consumed or not we all should be aware of this utmost important tip .

so, here's how to know if the eggs are still fresh or not : 

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